Construction Debris Waiver

You may either fill out the online form below or print a copy to have available for our technicians.

Due to inadequate protection of glass surfaces during general home maintenance and construction, Brothers Windows, LLC will require homeowners with this issue to complete the following waiver.

Brothers Windows, LLC will not be liable for ANY scratches on ANY glass surface with debris (plaster, paint, texture, tape, stickers, mortar, concrete, grit, etc.).

It is accepted and understood by ALL parties that properly used blades and scrapers are standard tools and techniques for window cleaning in removing debris (plaster, paint, texture, tape, stickers, etc.) from glass, although certain debris can cause glass to scratch. Furthermore removing mortar, concrete or grit of any kind from glass can cause substantial damage for which Brothers Windows, LLC will not be held liable.

Brothers Windows, LLC has no way of detecting whether glass surfaces will scratch when removing such debris.

Brothers Windows, LLC will always be responsible for using proper methods and tools avoiding willful damage.

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